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I taught school for almost ten years. Over half of that time, I taught fifth grade. Every year, my fifth grade students would have to write a how to essay. Over the years I got so many different how to essays turned in; how to make a peanut butter sandwich, how to wash your hair, how to saddle a horse, how to have correct bathroom etiquette, how to brush your teeth, how to catch a girlfriend, etc.… However, I never once got an essay on how to ride a horse.

So, for old time sake…here is my essay on How to Ride a Horse Catch your horse. Do this with a halter, not twine, or your sweatshirt. The equines are less likely to escape this way.

Then lead your horse out of its corral. Make sure you walk to the side of your stallion rather than in front, this way you can be sure you are out of harm’s way.

Tie your horse up. There are a couple different techniques people use to do this, but any old good knot should do. Just make sure to tie them fairly short, so they don’t get tangle in their halter rope.

Groom your horse properly, you want them looking fresh in case they see any perspective horse lovers along the trail.

Saddle your steed. Make sure you put the saddle blanket on first, then the saddle. When you put the saddle on make sure the saddle horn is facing forward. If the saddle is on backwards, this can make for a very rough ride. Make sure your cinches and breast collar are done up properly. If not, you increase your risk of accident for sure. Bridle your horse. Insert the bit in the horse’s mouth and pull the headstall over the horse’s ears. If the horse won’t willingly open his mouth for the bit, pry his mouth open with your fingers. Just make sure to count fingers before and after.


You are all set, now comes the fun part. Mount up! To do this stand on the left side of the horse facing him. Put your left foot in the stirrup and use your muscles to hoist yourself into the saddle. Swing your right leg over and insert right foot in right stirrup. If you do not have the proper muscle mass to do this step you have a couple of options; use a bucket or hay bale to stand on, teach your horse to lay down, or get a strong man to throw you on.

Now that you are on remember riding a horse is almost like riding a bike, or driving a car. You steer right and left with the reigns, you pull back to stop, and you kick the horse in the belly to go. Remember, for best results, stop and go cannot be used at the same time.

If you read this essay and try to ride you will quickly realize why you need to book with Diamond L Rodeo Retreat to have professionals teach you how to ride a horse.

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