Do you know what is required to get enrolled for Barrel Racing Futurity?

A competition strictly designed for 3,4, or 5-year- old horses to compete against each other in a barrel racing competition. These young horses can never have competed in any competition for money in their lifetime. A barrel racing futurity is usually designed in a way to assist the young horses in maximizing their ability to achieve success in the arena. Barrel Racing Futurity ground is usually groomed to maximize speed and safety for the young horse and the futurity rider. How do I pick a Barrel Racing Futurity to enter? Usually, you need to enter multiple futurities. This way, you can find out where and what type of ground that each individual horse can excel in. All horses don’t have the same styles so they don’t all handle the same kind of ground. Some horses prefer hard ground, deep ground, loose ground, etc.…


To check into the Barrel Racing Futurity, you must have a current copy of your horse’s registration papers and a brand inspection, and a current health certificate. A veterinarian will be on site to check our horses age and to make sure you horse is in good health to compete in the futurity.

Good Luck and I hope you will compete safely and have success with your young horse.