Why Diamond L Rodeo Retreat is the Best Barrel Racing School in Rexburg Idaho?

When thinking of a Barrel Racing School I can remember a time when I was trying so hard to become a barrel racer and I just hoped someone would help me. I ask a friend of mine that was a seasoned barrel racer if she could help me. She quickly replied that she did not see me ever becoming a barrel racer, she thought my ability to remember much less do the pattern would not be worthy of her time explaining it to me.


So not to be detoured I began searching magazines to see if someone could help me. To my amazement there were actually Barrel Racing Schools! A Barrel Racing School does not teach normal ABC’s but the ABC’s of riding and turning a horse around a barrel and the pattern that it is done in. Yes, a pattern a cloverleaf pattern none the less. One turn to the right and two to the left, or one turn to the left and two to the right. Whichever way that you pick the run home is as fast as you dare to go on a 1200 lbs. animal with four legs.

Barrel Racing School is not something that you apply for or qualify for, it is usually something you pay for. Finding a qualified instructor can be daunting and equally difficult. I personally decided to pick my Barrel Racing School by the prettiest picture on the advertisement. Just a footnote my Barrel Racing School was not only very enlightening but I met some new friends and had a great time with my equine Athlete.