I went to public school; my brothers went to public school too. To my knowledge, my entire family has gone to public school. I played basketball and volleyball. I was a star, even if it was only in my own mind. I was so sad to leave high school and I truly loved it. My little sister, however, is different. Her first word was horse. From the time she could walk, she was either pretending to be a horse or walking towards one. She lives and breathes horses and rodeo. She has so much dedication, heart, and discipline. Ryland Ann Lufkin would only wear her cowboy boots to school. She hid behind the barn from the school bus when we tried to make her wear her tennis shoes. She took her horse toys to school in her backpack with her and when her 3 rd grade teacher confiscated them, my mom had to meet the teacher to get them at 2 A.M., because Ry wouldn’t sleep.

Ryland is obsessive and she needs proper time to obsess. She doesn’t play any other sport or do any other activities besides rodeo. Nevertheless, Ryland is really smart in school and she gets great grades. School was also starting to get in the way, so Ryland checked herself out of school. She teaches herself rodeo school. Rodeo School for her consists of online classes and rodeo, rodeo, rodeo, and riding. She takes breaks to have her snacks, and also breaks every seven or so days to shower!