DL Rodeo Retreat offering Goat Tying School this year as usual. Get enrolled right now we have limited seats available.

Have you ever been to a rodeo? Some of the events that take part in rodeo are astonishing. Could you even imagine getting on a wild bronc and having it throw you to the ground? What about going full speed down the arena while horseback and jumping off to tie a goat to the ground? Being a cowboy or cowgirl can be an experience for everyone at our rodeo vacation, you may take part in goat tying schools, roping schools, barrel racing schools, and much more. Learning these events are challenging, fun, addicting, and especially an adrenaline rush! In all of our schools, including our goat tying school, we start from the basics, making it safe, fun and easy to learn!


With our Diamond L Rodeo Retreat we put you in a safe, fun and beautiful environment with many amazing experiences. Including cycling, hiking, trail riding, barrel racing school, goat tying school, pole bending school, roping school, and fun activities before and after your chosen daily events.


Located on the snake river, in the beautiful forests of Idaho, our Diamond L Rodeo Retreat is opening soon. So get your reservations now before there aren’t any, hope to see you soon!