Our Professional trainers have over 40 years of experience in horse training.

For roughly sixteen years, my parents have owned and operated Diamond L Roping Schools. At Diamond L, we will train you to rope, ride, barrel race, team rope, etc… We also offer horse training. We will break your horse to ride, or we will train in to do a specialty event. Horse Training seems cool, but after so many years I am here to tell you it is not. Putting horse training into a horse that’s good bred, talented, and that will help you win is totally worth it. However, to train someone else’s horse can be an entirely different story. I have been bucked off more times that I can count. I have been bashed in the face, reared up on, and stomped on more times than I care to admit. If I have learned one thing from helping my parents train horses it is that…people lie!


It goes something like this; the owner drops the horse off for horse training, they tell you how sweet and kind this horses soul is, and let you know what a great handle the horse already has on it. They go on how the horse is bred amazing and they think it’s a quarter horse. They tell you how the horse has NEVER bucked a day in his life and is eager to learn. Their expectations aren’t much at all either. They want to pick the horse up in thirty days, rodeo ready. You start off with high hopes and begin your training. Within ten minutes of your first day, you have been stomped on and bucked off twice. You realize this is a Tennessee Walker, who is never gonna be what the owner wants. You now have a choice; send the horse back, or keep it and do your best so you can buy groceries! The business of Horse Training seems fun, until you actually have to do it for a living.