Diamond L Rodeo Retreat produce best calf ropers every year, Try one day calf roping class.

The phrase “Boot Camp” comes to mind. A non-stop, possibly 3 days, grueling, taxing, (physically and, Mentally) horsemanship, stall cleaning, tack swapping awesome time.

To attend a calf roping school you usually need to register in advance and pay a deposit months in advance. To find the right instructor for your individual style can often times be difficult. Look for the success that each individual clinician has had. The calf-roping clinician may have had success in the rodeo world or in the instructing world. Pick an instructor and style that you can be comfortable with. Also, one of the most important thing and a calf roping school, or any school for that matter is to be open minded. No one is too good to learn, no one is too old to learn. You can learn so much from someone. Be open minded and expect great things. Hopefully, you will come away with at least something.


A Calf- roping clinic can be indoors some outdoors, and can be 1-3 days long. Calf roping schools will focus on certain aspects of calf roping, like tying down. Also, they will cover the roping aspect part of it. Hopefully they will just hone the style you already have, rather than change it completely.