My grandpa John, who recently passed on was a very honest man. He was such an honest man, that no one really wanted to know what he had to say! He always told it like it was, even if it was something that you didn’t want to hear. He always had nicknames for everyone. From the time that I was little, my grandpa always called me, “Buckin Horse Bry”. I attended college at the University of Montana Western and let’s just say, my freshman fifteen happened pretty quick. When I came home that year for Christmas my grandpa changed my nickname to, “Butterball Bry”. My grandpa was a blunt guy, obviously. He always said learning how to rope, ride, and rodeo were and addiction. He would rather his family be addicted to drugs, that rodeo because at least there was rehab for that.

So with that said, once you learn how to rope, be prepared to become addicted. Learning how to rope was the best thing that ever happened to me. It taught me perseverance, drive, and how to have a competitive edge. It taught me a great work ethic, and taught me to work to be good at something. It put me through school and paid for it. It gave me self-confidence and taught me to set goals. It helped me to reach for the stars and be successful. Learn how to rope and teach your children how to rope, and it will keep them out of trouble. Learn how to rope to open up a whole new world for yourself. If nothing else learn how to rope so you can see so many wrangler butts.