Learn Natural Horsemanship at Diamond L Rodeo Retreat in this summer.

Learn Horsemanship In the Merriam- Webster dictionary there is no definition of horsemanship. There is horseman, but not horsemanship. Despite horsemanship not being important enough to put in the dictionary, it is of great value to many horse men/women. So valuable in fact that without horsemanship, there is no win in rodeo. If you do not learn horsemanship winning will be impossible.

rodeo-schoolWhen you learn horsemanship, it is important to get a great teacher. Those who learn horsemanship at a young age seem to excel quicker. Those who wait until they are older seem to take a bit longer to catch on. However, it is possible.

Jill Lufkin, my beautiful mother is a great example of a champion that was a late starter. Although Jill rode a little bit growing up, she was anything but a cowgirl.

She had high hopes and wanted to drive up and down the road in a rodeo rig to rodeo. Jill started roping at the age of 24, and she is now one of the best in the business. She has roped a calf in 1.6 seconds and won numerous titles. She is the best breakaway roper in the world in my opinion and probably in many people’s opinions. There are names that are bigger and have had more opportunity. However, I would put my money on her any day, against anyone!