Learn Team Roping they say, you will have a reason to be upset every time you do it! Learn Team Roping they say, the short moments of glory will keep you doing it forever. Learn Team Roping they say, you will always have a way to spend any extra money you have and more! On a more serious note…I love Team Roping. Let’s start with heeling. I love heeling because of the adrenaline rush I get when I rope two feet and get to the wood! Which, trust me doesn’t happen much at all! If you ask me heeling is the hardest roping event in rodeo. It takes great power in your swing and an entirely different delivery than any other roping event. I wish I did it better, cause when everything works out it is amazing!

I also thoroughly enjoy heading. Breakaway is hands down my favorite event I love it more than any other rodeo event (honestly it’s right up with how I love my husband). However, deep down heading may be my favorite. Here is why…heading is the easiest for me. I don’t get nervous and I am really good at it. I don’t let pressure get to me and I don’t love it enough for it to hurt me. I learned to Team Rope from my dad, Terrill. Team Roping and I have had a pretty great relationship ever since.