Who doesn’t like adventure? Who doesn’t like a little trip, and everyone loves rodeo, right? Maybe not everyone, but I sure do. Doesn’t a Rodeo Adventure Trip sound exciting? Well what is a Rodeo Adventure Trip, exactly? I know rodeo, I know adventure, and I know trip, so I think my brain can fathom a Rodeo Adventure Trip.

First off, let’s clarify the definition of adventure. According to Webster’s Dictionary, “ADVENTURE- an undertaking usually involving danger and unknown risk, an exciting or remarkable experience, or an enterprise involving financial risk.” (Webster, 2016)

This definition makes everything much more clear and also reiterated to me that yes, rodeo is always an adventure. With rodeo there is danger and unknown risks for sure, but it is so exciting and such a remarkable experience. Lastly, rodeo always involves financial risk. This may be the part of rodeo I can identify best with. I have fed my dog cat food because it was cheaper, but I never missed a rodeo. I have not paid my bills because I was doubling my money so that I could pay my bills and eat too. When I was younger I knew that I was going to get school clothes if my mom had a lucrative rodeo weekend before school started. For me, financial risk is all too familiar.

I have no doubt that a Rodeo Adventure Trip would be fun. However, seems like if rodeo alone has that much financial risk, then it would be super pricey. Unless you are booking at Diamond L Rodeo Retreat, because we are making it amazing and affordable.

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