There are many Rodeo events all over Idaho! All summer long you can find them and, for the very brave souls, you can find them in the winter too. You don’t have to look far and you can find women roping and running barrels. You can find men riding rough stock, roping, and wrestling things down. You can find children trying to catch pecking chickens and greased up pigs. From a spectators point of view, the rodeo events in Idaho are riveting to say the least. Many of the rodeo events go along with the county and state fairs. If you are lucky enough to be attending these events in Idaho, you get great entertainment and great food!

From a contestants point of view, I believe it is a little different. Contestants enter two, four, five, or even seven rodeos a weekend. They fly or drive all night and all day. Many of them leave their families behind, their animals have sustained injuries along the way, and you can bet they have accrued some disappointments along the way. When a contestant gets bucked off, mucked out, or misses its entertainment for spectators. However, to contestants it is utter disappointment. We have poured our heart, soul, and time into this rodeo lifestyle and the performance we put on for you means everything to Rodeo Cowboys like us. For myself and my crew we have goals and hopes, especially in the beginning of the season. In the beginning of the season we see nothing but the road to success. Towards the middle of our season we still have hopes and goals, but are learning to leave the past disappointments behind. We are changing things and practicing in hopes for improvement, while celebrating the little victories along the way. By the end of our season, we usually are broke, needing and attitude adjustment, and only going for the fair food.