I can’t remember my first rodeo, and I cannot remember so many of the rodeos that we have gone to. However, I can’t forget some rodeos. The rodeos that are burned into my brain are the BIG ones for me. The CNFR, the IMPRA Finals, the Idaho State Finals, Districts, the NRA Finals, etc… I remember these rodeos for different reasons. Some were huge victories. I remember my mother had a ten-year reign in the IMPRA. Can you guess who de-throned her? Me, by thirty dollars none the less. I remember others because they broke my heart. I broke the barrier to be the state champion breakaway roper, I didn’t leave my room for three days! I broke my leg the last round at nationals my senior collegiate year, and I was so sad. These are the moments that are burned in my brain for good or for bad.

Looking back, why wasn’t I prepared? I have had so much training, for moments like that. So much rodeo training that should have paid off, but maybe not enough. I do not remember all of the rodeos but I remember my rodeo training. I have been trained my entire life, but all the training in the world doesn’t prepare you for every moment. Rodeos are much like life. In life we think we are prepared but often times, we just have to go through hard times to learn.