Have you ever had a vacation? Have you ever gone to a rodeo? Just imagine if you could do both at the same time! From the time that I could walk maybe even crawl I have been riding a horse. From that point on I have spectated rodeos, I have entered in rodeos, and I have attended in both forms thousands of them. We have traveled all around the United States and made so many wonderful memories. We have seen the Hoover Damn and the Grand Canyon. We have crossed the Mississippi River and gazed upon the beauty of the Grand Tetons. We have felt the humidity in Illinois while we looked across miles of beautiful corn. We have sung songs until we had no voice left and through all hours of the night. We have played cards and trivia during our many miles on the road. We have slept on the ground and three to a twin bed in the horse trailer. We have made beautiful memories.

However, there are very few vacations I can remember going on my entire life. To be completely honest I only ever remember two vacations that my family went on that didn’t include a rodeo. Both vacations were in California. We went to Disney Land, which I really don’t remember much of except for puking. We also went to the beach. One year at the beach my very blind mother lost her glasses and the next year my grandpa lost his teeth. I guess the teeth went to find the glasses. Trust me whether you are vacationing or rodeoing or on a rodeo vacation you can lose your teeth!

My point is…What if you could come to Diamond L Rodeo Retreat and have an amazing Rodeo Vacation all in one, it would be amazing! No worries though, know you can!