Rope horse training is our specialty, along with training in any other event. At Diamond L Roping Schools, which is our family’s original business, we train all kinds of horses and all different kinds of people. To elaborate; we have rope horse training, barrel horse training, team roping horse training, etc… We also teach people to rope, ride, and barrel race. For ten years we have taught people and horses to rodeo, we have given them tools in their tool boxes to be successful. We have taught people how to win and how to compete.

We have taught those who know rodeo to be successful at it, which is why we are launching our new business Diamond L Rodeo Retreat. We wanted to expand from training rope horses and training people to rope, to turning rodeo and vacation into one. We want to expand our business and share our gift with those all over the world. Diamond L Rodeo Retreat is targeted for those who know nothing about rodeo, who want to learn. We want to help you to have the best vacation and learn the ins and outs of rodeo. We want you to bring your cohorts, friends, families, and peeps to come book your vacation with us. We want the opportunity to teach you about our lifestyle and give you the opportunity to love it.